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2 paired lionhead rabbits

FREE to a good home by ROd65040 in APO, Jan 12
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2 paired lionhead rabbits in Ramstein

These two lionheads are cute as can be. They have been paired so they WILL not and MUST not be separated. These guys are being fostered since another family could not take care of them. The little girl is very very sweet but the boy isn't interested in people. That's Ok, he doesn't need much attention from you since he has her. 
So... about rabbits. They are NOT good for small children and very independent. They are animals that you just watch.. You can train them though. They are creatures of habit, very smart and litter box trained. They will quickly learn your schedule. The hardest part is keeping their cages clean. You will need to empty out old bedding every 3-4 days. Rabbits DO NOT like messy homes. If you plan on being lazy and sticking them outside because you don't want to clean the cage because it smells, don't buy these guys as they won't survive the cold. 

Rabbits will also live a long time, up to 9 years. If the idea of cleaning up bedding every week and going to buy straw, fresh veggies and food frequently doesn't appeal to you, then don't get a rabbit. Also, if you are buying for a 10 year old remember when they are 15 and involved in activities, someone still needs to feed and care for the rabbits. Parents, these rabbits will be your pets, not the kids. They also need time to be let out and the space to run around outside of their cages. 

Even though many people think of rabbits as food, these two are domesticated and required daily care. They are perfect for people want animals but hate dog or cat hair, responsible parents with well behaved kids, or households without aggressive pets.

Also, it's pretty easy to PCS with rabbits but like any animal you will need to follow the rules of the country you wish to enter. 

These rabbits come with everything they need:cages, food bowl, water and I'll provide you with food and hay to start.

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