Burglar alarm system from safe4u-Germany

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Burglar alarm system from safe4u-Germany in Ramstein
Burglar alarm system from safe4u-Germany in Ramstein
Burglar alarm system from safe4u-Germany in Ramstein
Burglar alarm system from safe4u-Germany in Ramstein

Did you know that we have in Germany every 2 minutes a burglary ?

Keep your Company, Home and Family safe with safe4u-Germany alarm system!

Known from the famous Focos-TV report on Sat.1 (German TV)


safe4u-Alarmsystem is the best choice to make your home easy safe

Why ?

safe4u alarm system is the only system wich report an alarm when some one trying a burglary!!! (bevor a door or window brakes!!)

-Easy installation in less than 5 minutes (Need´s NO permission from your land lord)
-No electric smog because it´s working without to have sensors in every single room, window or door
-It don´t need electric wires
-It dont´t need internet access
-Sabotage protection
-All components working still for without electric power!
-Super easy to use with remote control (like on your car)
-Easy deinstallation without marks or damages on your home when you move out or PCS.
-Comes with a suite case for easy transportation to your new destination
-It keeps your house, appartment or flat safe (all levels form the basement to the last room upstairs)
-We show you how our alarm system works free of charge in your home (so you can see what you get)
-5 year substitute warranty on all components ( You always get a new one in less than 3 days after you contact us)
-We accept V.A.T. forms
-Can be used on your boat, caravan, and trailor as well
-expandable system

Interested ?

Contact your safe4u security agent today for a free of charge presentation in your home.

safe4u Germany hotline : 015255624853
mail to:

Address :
Kaiserstraße 32c
67661 Kaiserslautern (next to the Pizza Hut)

Stay wherever save with safe4u-Alarmsystems

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